How to Bet on MMA

mma betting

MMA is an increasingly popular combat sport, drawing in millions of spectators each year. Sports fans who wish to wager on fights may do so through online sportsbooks; this article discusses how and where bettors should place bets before betting any bouts, along with some strategies and tips on increasing chances of victory more often when betting MMA fights. Lastly, UFC odds and Bellator odds will also be covered here.

Moneyline bets are the most prevalent MMA betting type, in which participants place bets on which fighter will win a particular fight match. Each fighter’s odds will be listed, with underdogs often having higher odds than favorites. There are other forms of MMA bets as well, including method of victory and round bets, which provide more specific wagers with potentially larger returns.

Before placing an MMA bet, it’s crucial to conduct extensive research on both fighters. This involves studying their past performances, styles and strengths and weaknesses as well as weight histories or any news regarding them leading up to a fight – for instance fighters struggling to meet weight requirements may take extreme measures just to tip the scales, leaving them fatigued when it comes time for combat.

Other than style and strength, another important consideration when selecting a fighter is their ability to last five full rounds. While many MMA fights end quickly via technical knockout or submission, others could go the full distance and be decided by judges’ scorecard. Thus it is vitally important that one tracks a fighter’s track record at fighting all five rounds championship distance.

Oddsmakers set an Over/Under total for how long a fight will last based on how long they expect the matchup to go, with this bet depending on both styles and anticipated length. As well as factors such as pace in a fight affecting this figure.

Method of Victory bets are another popular MMA betting option and allow you to predict how a fighter will win an encounter. There are various methods of placing this bet, including by KO/TKO, submission and Decision. Each of these has unique odds; those favoring KO/TKO tend to offer the lowest. Alternatively, double up on any fighter’s method of victory to reduce odds further – for instance you could place a wager on Karl Williams to win by either KO/TKO or Submission with odds of -330; meaning you need to place $330 wager for every $100 win on this bet in order to earn $100 profit on this bet – meaning to break even on this wager and make this bet you would need to place $330 bet to break even on this bet and win $100 on this bet alone.