The Singapore Prize and Other International Awards

As winners of the Singapore Prize or Harvard Prize can attest, these awards provide winners the chance to showcase their accomplishments and have them recognized by their country’s government. Furthermore, these prestigious awards are granted by organizations known for credibility and integrity – thus cementing their status amongst some of the most coveted awards globally.

Kampung Admiralty by local firm WOHA was chosen as the 2023 World Architecture Festival (WAF) World Building of the Year, beating off competition from flashier complexes designed by more renowned firms. Divided into three strata – upper, middle and lower – its lower stratum features accessible gardens and terraces as well as a “hawker center”, providing seniors with opportunities for socialisation within their living area. WAF’s jury, comprising architects as well as industry professionals, awarded it with this accolade due its “profound approach towards aging and inter-generational relations”.

Dreams Asia Breakthrough Prize, held for the inaugural time this year in Singapore, saw 63 teams submit innovative ideas to combat poverty; eight were shortlisted and received seed funding, mentors, potential funders, coaching sessions, as well as access to mentors. A panel of philanthropists, academicians and social entrepreneurs determined Team Empowered Families Initiative as the winning team due to its goal “of investing in low-income family dreams and plans”.

In 2022, the DesignSingapore Prize honored two “Designers of the Year” and six “Design of the Year”. Honorees were selected based on their commitment to addressing issues like consumerism/circularity/caregiving/climate change/sustainability while creating buildings/spaces with purpose beyond aesthetics.

Recently, the Vogue Singapore x BMW Innovation Prize revealed its list of 2023 finalists. Each benefited from a $15,000 monetary prize and media coverage from Vogue Singapore along with introductions to industry leaders for funding opportunities. Furthermore, each attended a workshop focused on best practices in fashion and lifestyle in Southeast Asia.

Earthshot Prize Week will host an extraordinary event to recognize and honour this year’s winning finalists at an exclusive celebration event in Boston this December, attended by international business and political leaders and featuring workshops with Finalists on scaling solutions to real problems. Standard Chartered is proud to join its fellow Founding Partners of The Earthshot Prize to galvanize action and broaden the impact of these prestigious prizes. Furthermore, Standard Chartered’s support will enable The Prize to reach new audiences around the globe. For more information on this event visit its official website; Twitter users may follow along by using #EarthshotPrize – 2019 SG News Online All rights are reserved by their copyright holder; no reproduction may occur without prior permission from them.