What is a Live Casino?

Live casino is an innovative form of online gambling that recreates the atmosphere and gameplay experience of traditional brick and mortar casinos. Utilizing proprietary gaming software and real-time video streaming to connect players to live croupiers and dealers. Live casinos also feature chat functions which enable communication between player and dealer.

Live casino games that are most often enjoyed are blackjack and roulette, often offered on various online casino websites. Some also provide more niche options such as baccarat and Wheel of Fortune. All live casino games stream in HD to simulate the look and feel of real casinos while remaining fair and honest because dealers are real people.

To play live casino games, the player must log into his or her casino account and browse the real-time live lobby, which displays games just as one would experience them in person at a land-based casino floor. Once they select a game, after selecting it the player clicks a button to indicate his/her desired action – for instance in blackjack this might mean hitting, splitting or doubling down and the dealer will take appropriate actions accordingly.

Many players opt for live casinos for an authentic gambling experience, since this type of establishment provides more social interactions between dealers and other players – an advantage over online casinos which may give the house an unfair edge against players.

At any successful live casino, a GCU (game control unit) will be employed to encode video that will be transmitted over the internet. These small devices no larger than a shoebox are essential to running an effective casino; their software interfaces with these GCUs and converts dealer actions into data which gamers can read themselves; then deducts or awards winnings accordingly.

While the technology behind live casinos may be sophisticated, their running can still be expensive. The main costs associated with operating live casino include cameras and the dealer who each require considerable amounts to operate; additionally there’s studio and equipment costs involved that need to be covered before producing casino games can take place.

Not all live dealer sites only offer traditional casino games; many also provide an array of entertaining game shows hosted by lively presenters that combine the excitement of TV game shows with gambling elements. Popular options such as Dream Catcher and Football Studio may not be offered at every site but some may provide bonuses attached to these shows.