The Sidney Prize

A sidney prize is awarded to those who provide significant service to society, with prizes designed to aid with funding future plans and inspire others in turn. These prizes come in different forms and each one comes with specific eligibility requirements such as age restrictions, academic accomplishment and community involvement – such as age restrictions or educational achievement thresholds.

There are a range of sidney prizes available, spanning the arts and sciences. These awards recognize work done in any field from visual art to engineering or technology and come in varying amounts to give those who have worked hard a chance to realize their dreams. Furthermore, many serve as symbols of prestige that boost individual careers.

The Sidney Hillman Foundation presents two monthly Hillman Prizes in both the United States and Canada to honor investigative journalism that investigates social injustice and deep storytelling that advances common good. Established in 1950, this foundation continues to honor Sidney Cox’s legacy at Hamilton as one of their professors who had profound impact on thousands of students both inside and outside his classes – both inside and out! This prize, judged by faculty at Hamilton, goes to undergraduate writing that meets “those high standards of originality and integrity which he himself set both for himself and for his students”.

Fred Clasen-Kelly, Carol Motsinger and Macon Atkinson earned the Sidney Hillman Prize for their compelling reportage on how Greenville’s popular urban renewal program took an invisible toll on Black residents of Greenville. They investigated its intricate web of money, power and betrayal that has defined its history.

Kate Carte from Southern Methodist University won the March Sidney Hillman Prize for Religion and the American Revolution: An Imperial History published by Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture/University of North Carolina Press 2022. This marks Carte’s second win.

The Sidney Myer Performing Arts Awards, administered by the Sidney Myer Trust, recognize individuals and organisations for making significant contributions to Australian performing arts, either through work or philanthropy. Awards are given in dance, drama, comedy and music disciplines and presented annually at Sydney Opera House by leading Australian and international figures in these arts fields.