How to Win the Hongkong Prize

Hongkong Prize is one of the premier competitions worldwide for writers who specialize in Asian culture and history, providing cash prizes as well as international exposure. Before submitting an entry, it is essential to read all rules and regulations thoroughly to increase your chances of success while preventing scams and increase winning chances.

To be considered for the Hong Kong Prize, authors must publish scientific articles that have a significant social impact. Furthermore, superior writing skills must be demonstrated along with an in-depth knowledge of your topic. An independent expert panel from both academic and business sectors of HK society will oversee this judging process.

The Hong Kong Prize recognizes those making outstanding contributions to world civilisation and inspiring others towards creating a more harmonious society. Winners will be honored with both a monetary prize and trophy, plus they may be invited to seminars or research internships at Hong Kong universities and laboratories where they will have an opportunity to collaborate with scientists from around the globe and explore cutting-edge scientific research.

This prestigious contest is open to both Southeast Asian residents and mainland Chinese nationals as well as people from other parts of the world, and its aim is to highlight Hong Kong as an international hub for research and development, regional prosperity, and world peace. A jury consisting of experts in public policy, economics, international relations will judge this competition; winners will be chosen three waves: first from Southeast Asia followed by mainland China then finally globally.

This year’s nominations include some impressive stories, from activists fighting for freedom and democracy to someone devoted to preserving traditional medicine, along with technology being used to assist homeless people and an artist reinterpreting human rights through fine art concepts. All these nominations serve as reminders that humanity’s true beauty lies in its diversity.

HK Prize is an annual competition designed to provide high school students with an opportunity to showcase their writing talent and creativity in Asian cultural studies. This contest provides a great way for participants to broaden their horizons and gain experience while honing English language skills simultaneously. Winners will be revealed during an awards ceremony held typically around October.

The Hong Kong Prize is open to all Hong Kong secondary school students enrolled in secondary education, and teachers may nominate their students for consideration. Shortlisted artists will receive a Judges Prize of HK$8,000 while teachers can win Teacher Prizes worth up to HK$20,000 each. Entries can then be submitted online before being judged by a panel of judges before submission deadline of September 30. Best of luck!