How to Find Out the Live RTP of a Slot

Return to Player (RTP) of a slot game refers to the percentage of bets that are expected to return over time based on various simulations. While RTP doesn’t guarantee you will win money, those choosing slots with higher RTP rates stand a higher chance of extending their bankrolls by choosing games with high RTP percentages.

Finding out the RTP of any slot game can be done in several ways. Most popular titles display their RTP in their paytables while Sugar Rush allows you to access it by clicking on its Game Stats button. Another method is sending an email request directly to the casino – however this method might result in receiving an unsatisfactory response that says they do not possess information regarding this matter.

If you want to play slots with a higher RTP, it’s essential to look for ones with low volatility – this means greater odds of small wins more frequently and less chance at big ones. Furthermore, look for ones with a high jackpot amount and low house edge.

While casinos do publish their RTPs, these estimates may not always be reliable due to being calculated based on thousands of simulated spins – making it impossible to know how many actual ones there have been! Furthermore, some casinos may offer more than one type of machine and their RTP may vary accordingly, so before depositing money it’s essential that you know which machine you are playing before doing so.

To obtain accurate Return-on-Purchase (RTP) info, the best way to do it is by consulting the help section of a new online slot game. Most recent slots will provide this data in their help screens while older ones may not. Alternatively, emailing developers directly is sometimes the way forward; although customer service representatives often won’t have this knowledge.

Bitcasino offers the easiest and quickest way to access RTP information is via their live RTP database, updated every ten minutes with all the most popular casino games and their respective RTP information. Their database is divided into categories so it’s easier for you to quickly identify games with higher RTPs. Entering the name of any game into the search bar allows you to instantly view its Return-on-Investment (ROI). In doing so, you can quickly identify profitable slots games and maximize winnings; or use this feature as an avenue to place cryptocurrency bets. Blockchain makes the process significantly faster and cheaper than using fiat currency, eliminating the need for central authorities, thus speeding up transaction times and fees considerably, giving complete control of funds so they cannot be frozen unless fraudulent activities take place.