The Sidney Prize and Other Prizes

The Sydney Prize is an international competition that recognises individuals in various fields ranging from science to the arts, and awards prize money to those who have made significant impacts in society. Winners should promote science by sparking interest in it; additionally they may contribute towards developing technologies that benefit humanity as a whole.

As a means to preserve in some small way the legacy left by Sidney Cox to Dartmouth students in and out of his classes, it was decided this year to establish an annual prize honoring undergraduate writing that most embodies his high standards for originality and integrity in both personal and teaching writing.

An annual award granted upon recommendation by both Professor of Australian Literature and Head of Department to students achieving exceptional results in senior units of Australian literature study, provided their work has sufficient merit.

The Sir James Leitch Scholarship was established through a bequest made to the Mechanics’ School of Arts from Sir James Leitch’s estate after his passing as President of Sydney Mechanics’ School of Art. This scholarship of value of $10,000 can help encourage further studies in Australian art by funding travel expenses, accommodation or educational costs for its recipients.

This award was designed to recognize a man whose tireless advocacy on behalf of working people was tireless. The Hillman Foundation strives to identify key issues impacting everyday people and provide equitable solutions.

Winners of the Sidney Prize should use their awards for public good, such as educating members of their communities about important scientific topics or stimulating interest in fields like biology or medicine. Ideally, these individuals would contribute to creating innovative new technologies which benefit humanity as a whole.

Neilma Sydney Short Story Prize, first introduced by Overland magazine and the Neilma Sydney Foundation in 2024, is another popular Sydney prize that attracts writers worldwide. Winners receive $5,000 along with having their story published in Overland autumn edition – while runners-up each get $750.

Young writers can benefit from additional awards, such as the Sidney Prizes for journalism and science. These scholarships can act as a powerful incentive for young writers, incentivizing them to focus their work and push further in their respective fields – not to mention providing financial assistance so they can reach their career goals.

Phi Beta Kappa awards its Sidney Prize as an annual national distinction to scholars who have distinguished themselves with regard to scholarship, undergraduate teaching and leadership in furtherance of liberal arts education. Furthermore, writing that highlights an underrepresented issue and appeals broadly is recognized with this prize; winning scholars will be invited to address Phi Beta Kappa’s national conference and may receive special mention for it.