Hong Kong Pools Open Despite Gloomy Weather

Hong Kong swimmers were undaunted by the grey morning with its pleasant hint of autumn to take full advantage of local pools today, making the most out of their day at public swimming pools that reopened after several days of extreme heat and packed crowds.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) reports that 24 public swimming pools have partially reopened with 16 operating fully. Most facilities closed include leisure pools and paddling pools; to avoid disappointment LCSD advises checking online or calling their chosen pool before going swimming for their daily swim session.

Although the weather was unfavorable, Kennedy Town Swimming Pool still saw quite a few people visiting one of the largest water sports centers in the city and featuring two indoor and two outdoor pools with its unique lane design that gives each swimmer his or her own space, as well as its dedicated kids area – making this an ideal spot for families to come together to enjoy swimming together.

Victoria Park Swimming Pool was buzzing with activity as swimmers took advantage of its warm waters to cool off in its impressive stadium that can host water sports events like diving and water polo. Furthermore, spectator stands with 2,500 seats are located alongside an electronic scoreboard to add an extra element to this impressive facility.

Swimming offers more than recreational benefits; it is also an effective form of low-impact exercise, capable of burning 600+ calories an hour and helping lower blood pressure. Furthermore, swimming increases flexibility and muscle tone while improving balance and posture.

Recent years have witnessed an explosion of people taking up cycling as a means of staying fit and combatting obesity. Furthermore, cycling provides an engaging activity to do with family or friends or simply alone for quality time alone.

Hong Kong’s unfavorable weather may be great for its swimming pools, but not everyone is pleased with how they are managed. According to Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union’s warning that 20 of Hong Kong’s 45 public pools may only operate partially this summer due to lack of lifeguards.

With the recent reopening of Hongkong’s swimming pools, nothing beats taking a dip to relax and recharge yourself. We have you covered – check out our list of Hongkong pools today and start your pool adventure today – don’t forget sunscreen though and you will feel rejuvenated soon enough. Happy swimming!