How Dominoes Can Improve a Story


Dominoes are small rectangular blocks made of wood or plastic with either an entirely blank face, or one decorated with dots like those found on dice, whose surfaces may be left blank or covered in patterns similar to dice. Dominoes may be stacked vertically or horizontally and used most frequently as positional games in which each player places one adjacent domino against another with exposed ends matching either in number (one touches one, two touches two) or total. Once this chain of dominoes falls, scoring takes place according to game rules.

A Domino Effect

Within the business context, domino effects refers to events which have an accumulative effect on a company or individual’s success or failure. They can have both positive and negative ramifications; for example a mistake by one company may lead to customer lawsuits; this event can either settle out or fight them, creating negative dominoes for that business. Conversely, successful marketing campaigns that attract customers can have positive domino effects by drawing them in – these could potentially boost sales as a positive domino effect for that business or individual.

Writing a novel requires creating an intricate web of actions and reactions; when creating this kind of plot structure, using the domino effect as a metaphorical device can be immensely helpful in crafting compelling narratives. From freewriting to following an outline, thinking of scenes as domino effects is an effective way to ensure all components come together cohesively for a powerful storyline.

Lily Hevesh began playing dominoes when she was nine. Her grandparents owned a classic 28-piece set, and she enjoyed setting them up into straight or curved lines, flicking a domino, and watching it collapse one piece at a time. As an adult, Hevesh expanded this hobby by creating stunning domino setups for movies, TV shows, album launches such as Katy Perry’s, as well as inspiring millions of YouTube subscribers with her spectacular projects. Today Hevesh boasts over 2 million YouTube subscribers watching her create spectacular domino projects!

Hevesh has discovered the key to creating an excellent domino setup lies in careful planning. When she begins any new project, she takes time to consider its purpose and theme while brainstorming relevant words or images that might fit. After planning the display with an adaption of engineering-design process in mind – starting with building its foundation – then building its individual components until finally connecting all pieces to form one final design. Working in teams has proven vital in her domino endeavours!